Susie Quatermass

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Susie Quatermass was the first parliamentary candidate for the MotherWorld Party.

It is my absolute pleasure to stand in this election as the first MotherWorld Party candidate, wanting to bring about fundamental change in the way the political system is experienced and contributed to in this country.

100 years ago the Suffragettes secured the vote for women, I believe that we now stand at a threshold of a new story and we have the opportunity to seed the future by voting for a totally different way of living in and with the world. By honouring those that went before us and their decisions we are now becoming more conscious of the consequences of our actions on others with whom we share our world.

There is a relationship that develops when we begin to listen more deeply to the wisdom of the earth and the wisdom of our ancestors. “I have lived in Glastonbury for the past 12 years. During the first few years I was involved in community development work in the Mendip area and across Somerset, working in marginalised communities to empower and encourage creative projects which support local people. For the past 6 years I have been manageress of Goddess Temple Gifts in Glastonbury, promoting Goddess artists and designers, selling their work to people from all over the world who visit the town. I am a Mother of 3 beautiful children and a Grandmother too. I am a social activist having been involved in various social justice issues throughout my adult life.

I am passionate about equality, about our connection to the Earth as our Mother, about respecting our connection to the land where we live and to the sense of belonging that is experienced when we realise we are all a part of the Earth, of MotherWorld. 

Vote for a future where your great, great grandchildren will remember you with gratitude.” 

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