National Proposals & Promises

1. Care for Mother Earth. Immediate action to be taken to clean the Air, Fires, Waters and the Earth of our land. With economic and financial support for such proposals.  

2. Working with Her Nature for the good of all bringing us to carbon negative solutions. Financial and economic support for Renewable Energies, Reforestation, Re-Wilding, Biodiversity, Re-cycling, Removal of pollutants, Natural habitat development, natural carbon sinks, etc. Compassionate Farming. Subsidies for ecology, for food production rather than land ownership. Helping lead the way internationally.

3. Promote the active participation of Women in all aspects of economic, political, civil, social and cultural life as full and equal partners, decision makers, leaders and beneficiaries. Protect the rights to freedom of opinion, expression, peaceful assembly, association, and dissent.

Lead Political change to enable the proper representative voice of all the electorate which can only be done by introducing proportional representation.

4.Payment and support to all Mothers of dependent children, of a living wage that recognises the Gifts that Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and all carers freely give to children, which supports society as a whole. Recognising the role of aunts, uncles, etc. in the life of a child. Addressing poverty and privilege, equal wages for equal work. Encouraging and supporting business start ups, encouraging creative expression, etc.. 

5. Free childcare for young children, as desired and needed by parents. Special support for unsupported single mothers. Free Sanitary Products for all women. Free Contraception for women and men, placing all decisions about personal fertility in the hands of women, with support for the decisions they take about their fertility. Support for women and men who cannot have children and who lose children. Acknowledgement of those who choose not to have children. Creation of specialist Natural Birthing Centres.

6. Bringing Peace to our world. Creation of Healthy Relationships between all people. Support in healing emotional wounding within our communities. Learning respect for others of differing opinions and societies. Teaching of practices for all ages on the non-violent resolution of conflict. Healing the national traumas caused by war and violence at a local level and taking this out into the national healing of the trauma and wounding caused by war and conflict in our national psyche.

7. Central Government Funding for a fully integrated National Health Care Service that embraces Medical and Complementary Healing Therapies, that cares for all people from pre-Conception through all of life to post-Death.

8. An Education system founded in a knowledge and love of the Earth and its many interlocking systems. Wide-ranging educational choices for children, young and older people, which are driven by the desire to learn and seek knowledge, with encouragement to implement learning into life choices. 

9. Investment in/financial support for Music and the Arts, recognising the vital role of the Arts as a source of inspiration and invigoration of our unique British Culture and heritage. Support for Sports of all kinds.

10. Expansion and financial support for renewable, non-toxic, non-fossil fuel, non-nuclear production of electricity.

11. Fully integrated low cost transport systems in cities and countryside, using the latest non-polluting technologies in cars, buses, trains and planes. Development of safe walking pathways and cycle ways.

12. Managed transitions from existing occupations and industries that currently support patriarchal values, into new occupations that support MotherWorld values, eg becoming a Centre of Excellence for the manufacture of Renewable Energy technologies, developing truly Caring Environments for children, individuals and older people, from the cradle to the grave.

13. Diversion of resources and finances currently raised and spent on the perpetuation of the death-dealing military-industrial complex to the creative proposals given above.