Local Proposals & Promises

For the Wells Constituency in Mendip 

1 Care for the Natural Landscape of the Somerset Levels, Mendip Hills, Glastonbury Tor and environs. Immediate action to be taken to clean the Air, Fires (energy creation), Waters (rhynes, rivers and lakes), and the Earth in these locations. With financial support for such proposals. Strengthen local communities, enabling them to care for their environments.

2 Integration of Renewable energies, Reforestation, Re-Wilding, Biodiversity, natural carbon sinks, Re-cycling, removal of pollutants, Ecological and natural habitat development in Somerset, eg location and donation of land for the planting of deciduous trees and ancient local woodlands, on all available local authority land, with support to private owners.  

3 Payment and support to all mothers in the constituency of a living wage that recognises the Gifts that Mothers, Fathers and all carers freely give to their children, which support society as a whole. Free childcare for young children as desired and needed by parents within the constituency. Support for local Mothers Collective. Integrations of some children’s and old people’s care.  

4 Creation of Healthy Relationships between all people. Support in healing emotional wounding within our local and regional communities. Learning respect for others of differing opinions. Teaching of practices for all ages on the non-violent resolution of conflict.   

5 Within our local area the development of a fully integrated Health Care Service that embraces Medical and Complementary Healing Therapies, that cares for all people from pre-Conception through life to post-Death, including care for those with psychological difficulties, mental health issues, care for the elderly at home and in social care housing.  

6 Local Education founded in a knowledge and love of the Earth and local landscapes. Wide-ranging educational choices for children in our community as well as young and older people, driven by the desire to learn and seek knowledge, with encouragement to implement learning into life choices.  

7 Fully integrated subsidised local and countryside transport systems, using the latest non-polluting technologies in cars, buses and trains. Working closely with earth protectors groups at a local level. Glastonbury has just been given earth protector status, this needs to be taken out as nationally as part of MotherWorld party co creation .etc   

8 Financial Support for local Arts and Culture, recognising the vital role of the Arts as a source of inspiration and invigoration of our local culture and community.  

9 Development of Community Rites of Passage for all ages and all faiths, within our communities, eg. Ceremonies for Birthing Mothers, Birth itself, Baby Naming, Menarche, Puberty, Coming of Age, Marriage, Menopause, Croning, Saging, Death and beyond. Honouring Elders within our community as Resources of Experience, Knowledge and Wisdom, for the benefit of all.